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    Except for very much loving the regular card games with my friends – and a certain enthusiasm to create stuff – there was no specific reason for starting this project.

    After one year of drawing and designing the cards after hours, I wanted the card deck produced. I designed a nice tuck box and started out looking for suited paper and presses… This took about another six months. Since printing a few decks wasn’t an option, a web shop seemed to be the best solution for selling the 500 decks (actually 2 x 500 decks).

    While building the web shop, specifically for the cards, I decided using it to give some of my personal illustrations another purpose. You can now purchase them as high quality prints on forex (10mm).

    About me

    As for myself, I’m a designer & illustrator from Belgium, co-owner of TRIPLECLICKDESIGN. Passionate about Design, Illustration, Typography, Photography, Web & Art.

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