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  • Custom made designer playing cards

    52 custom designed cards + 4 Jokers

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    Custom made playing cards
    Every single playing card was designed from scratch
    Shielded in black & gold foil on Sirio Ultra Black
    Hand over your heart

    A little poetry
    a little rock & roll

    as stated in Kings of Leon’s ‘Cold Desert’

    Let’s go home
    Crimson and Clover

    When the adoration for deer met the passion for cards,
    this cardgame came to life.

    Over and over

    All cards were designed to the image of Paris


    The tuck box, made in Sirio Ultra Black, embossed,
    finished with black and Gold foil

    The cards are full color offset pressed, the back in pantone Black and Gold

    & Gold
    Each card game comes with a digitally printed companion, in a standard white tuck box.
    Optimised for smooth handling and intensive playing.
    Black Box
    Custom made tuck box on Sirio Ultra Black
    Black & Gold foil, embossed

    Full color front
    Pantone Black & Gold back
    56x87mm – Bridge format
    Produced as a display – Collectors deck
    Limited to 500 decks
    White Box
    Standard tuck box
    Digitally printed

    Full color front
    Black on black digitally printed back
    56x87mm – Bridge format
    On Corona paper – Graphite core – Laminated
    Suited for professional card players
    Deluxe Edition

    Hand made wooden box
    Painted black, with golden finish

    Custom made
    Laser engraved logo

    The wooden boxes were made by Kurt & the people @ den-ateljee
    The laser engraved logo was done by Lowie @ we produce

    With acrylic gold
    Deluxe Edition

    All boxes are personally assembled,
    painted & oiled

    Custom made

    Each box was made with patience and passion
    Signed & numbered

    & numbered


    Pair of decks
    Set(s) of two decks = €15

    price exclusive shipping costs


    Each box includes 1 black and 1 white deck

    Deluxe Wooden box edition
    Deluxe wooden box edition = €49

    price exclusive shipping costs

    Designed by Bart Raeymaekers

    Thank you
    Seppe, Davy, Sander & Marijn
    Steeno, Bosse, Swinne & Kurre